Author DeiAmor Verus Launches 1ActOfKindess

DeiAmor Verus, author of the critically acclaimed, newly released, book, “Talk To God” is sickened by all the violence and hate that is permeating throughout the world. In response the author is launching 1 Act of Kindness – a. grassroots campaign that challenges all of us to do one act of kindness a week and hopefully by doing so become nicer to each other.

“Actually I am pissed, “sickened” does not describe my rage.” “99% of the citizens of the world are good people, who love their family and friends, and just want live and work in peace and harmony,” said Verus.”   “But no, because of the 1% of ass bags out there we all live in fear of tyranny, terrorism or crime, and I am getting tired of the crap!”

A very impassioned Verus continues in a raised voice; “We need to take back our schools, our streets, our neighborhoods, our cities and countries.” “The bullies of the world need to know we are not going to take it any longer.” “Forget about race and religion.” “We are all in this together.” “And as soon as we come to the realization we all bleed red, breath air, have a heart and a soul and live on the same planet we can all work together to squash the bullies.”

Verus is asking everyone be aware of each others feelings, extend friendship and love whenever possible and do 1 Act of Kindness a week. Something as simple as smiling at a stranger, holding a door open, wishing a stranger good morning, giving someone your parking space, let someone in a hurry go ahead of you in line, or extending words of encouragement.

Verus’ has enlisted his book publisher’s; The Experts in Publishing to support the effort by creating a “1 Act Of Kindness” wrist band, so people know who are the good guys. The cost is $2.00 which covers postage and handling. Anything remaining from the purchase will be donated to the International Federation of The Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Join DeiAmor Verus and 1 Act of Kindness in changing the world. Share your 1 Act of Kindness on his website; Peace!

05 March, 2015

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