Author DeiAmor Verus Launches 1ActOfKindess


DeiAmor Verus, author of the critically acclaimed, newly released, book, “Talk To God” is sickened by all the violence and hate that is permeating throughout the world. In response the author is launching 1 Act of Kindness – a. grassroots campaign that challenges all of us to do one act of kindness a week and […]

Snows brought a widow warm source of support


I am an elderly woman, recently widowed and trying to do things for myself. There is a new snow blower in my garage that I do not know how to operate, so I was still pushing the snow off my driveway with a shovel this winter. A few weeks ago when we had all the […]

Charlotte Hornet Bismack Biyombo’s Act of Kindness


ORLANDO, Fla. This neat story about compassion and sharing started with Bismack Biyombo needing a new phone charger. It was Tuesday night in Chicago, the temperature was well below freezing and Biyombo left the Charlotte Hornets’ hotel in search of a Verizon store. That’s when he happened upon a man sleeping on the sidewalk, wrapped […]

A Family Pays It Forward To Homeless With Act of Kindness


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA– (NEWSPLEX) — Homelessness is a wide spread issue across the country and in Central Virginia. One local family paid it forward by giving back to those in need by giving out trays of food among other things. An idea by an old friend prompted Leslie Greenhowe, her cousin Shanise and their family to […]